Goosebumps Chronicles ~3. Mid-2020, 10 albums

Expecting new goosebumps to come. Image by lunamontem

In Goosebumps Chronicles, we are following our heroes on their artistic way. It’s time to share 10 new acts released in the middle of the year 2020.

1. Heisa – Joni (2020)

In May 2020, Belgian band Heisa really delighted the auditory, as “Joni” was finally released. The trio continues brave experiments and reinvents the shapes of the stuff coming from their sincere hearts. Even more sharp drums, catchy guitar, plain bass lines and resonating synths over that.

Joni (2020) | Heisa (2018) at Sgbumps | Interview with Heisa

2. Lastryko – Limbo (2020)

Polish dreamers and space travelers Lastryko are proud to accomplish next step of their interstellar route. “Limbo” is a nice collection of mellowed compositions and interpretations. Listening to this record, you can easily fall out of the routine stream and get your portion of cosmic experience.

Limbo (2020) | Tętno Pulsu (2019) at SGbumps

3. Xeaoxa – Trial Reset (2020)

In June, these Canadians have presented their fresh set of newest writings. With no rough edges, this music spreads to the horizon, bounces off it and comes back to knock you over. Good time to reset your own trial period!

Trial Reset (2020) | Harmonic Series Diverges (2020) at SGbumps

4. Verstaeker – Early recordings & demos (2020)

Russian musician Verstaeker has published his previously not released stuff in July, 2020. This record overviews evolution of the author’s approach and lets some really nice pieces reach the post-rock lovers’ hearts. Being calm and soothing, Verstaeker’s melodies embrace you very fast.

Early recordings & demos (2020) | Verstaeker (2019) at SGbumps

5. ГШ (Glintshake) – Гибкий график (2020)

Completely different act from Russia. Try to solve the quiz and perceive undeterminable. Sheer improvisation, fresh paint and nice people. Collaboration of Ekaterina and Evgeny with the team continues its story with no limits and reference points. Just let it come and embarrass you.

Гибкий график (2020) | Оэщ Мазгиу (2016) at SGbumps

6. Parachute For Gordo – What Passes For Live These Days (2020)

In August, the British band Parachute For Gordo is back, now with a charged live record. It’s the second act for the year and another joyful moment for the listener. Enjoy it live, as the music is simply pretty.

What Passes For Live These Days (2020) | Best Understood By Children And Animals (2020) at SGbumps

7. Expander – Neuropunk Boostergang (2020)

Extraordinary quartet from Austin, Texas (USA) keeps bashing our bones. Now, in August 2020, even rawer and fiercer. Way more experimental and applied than before, expanding to the new extents. In case you have missed “Endless Computer”, it’s time to taste both things.

Neuropunk Boostergang (2020) | Endless Computer (2017) at SGbumps

8. Silent Island – The Curse Of Coleodeia (2020)

Beginning of September, the Hungarian guy István, who runs Silent Island, presents “The Curse Of Coleodeia”. It happens to be a profound work, which absorbed small elements and converted them into unite piece.

The Curse Of Coleodeia (2020) | Stormvalley (2018) at SGbumps

9. Labirinto – Live at Dunk! Fest (2020)

Dunk! Fest has earned a reputation of the highest quality event. During their session, Brazilians Labirinto had played almost full latest album (“Divino Afflante Spiritu”), and “Napheleim” song which did not appear on it.

Live at Dunk! Fest (2020) | Divino Afflante Spiritu (2019) at SGbumps

10. Hope The Flowers – Post-Poned session

Hope The Flowers from Thailand appeared in Post-Poned series with a very nice concert. Check how natural is the alliance of guitar-driven post-rock, a trumpet and a violin.

I Miss You album (2017) at Sgbumps

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