Lastryko – Tętno Pulsu (2019)

a3802084129_16🇵🇱 What if your heart wants to pound faster? Not out of any stress, but due to inspiration caused by pure art. Lastryko deals with such a thing. You just turn on, and otóż, it works!

Lastryko band is coming from Gdynia, Poland. It’s a great collective made by Artur Bieszke (guitar), Wojciech Lacki (bass), and Jacek Rezner (drums). The also have Maciej Szkudlarek playing synths, however he’s not mentioned at the band’s facebook page. I suppose Maciej has joined the band to boost its influence on the Universe.

The band’s name derives from terrazzo technique possibly meaning that the sound we hear is mosaic, assembling miryads of tiny vibrations and echoes all embedded in a unite texture. It could be my personal definition of the band’s music.

Tętno Pulsu is something that literally deals with your heart. The music makes it bumping faster as we glide through each composition from the album. And someone invisible counts in Polish, “Jeden, Dwa, Trzy…”

facebook page: Lastrykoband

Get this album via Apple Music | bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Lastryko – Tętno Pulsu (2019)

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