Asian Death Crustacean – Baikal (2020)

🇬🇧 Awesome journey to the core of the sound, inspired by nature, hi-end technologies and voiceless excitement.

The band consists of Dan Peacock (guitars), George Bunting (bass), Rob Doull (guitars), and James Kay (drums). Additional musicians on this album were Michael Crean (violin), and Dave Bush (saxophone).

Asian Death Crustacean builds a bridge between mellow post-rock bordering with ambient, powerful progressive metal and some portion of jazz rock. Not a secret that such an eclecticism leads to extreme forms from time to time.

Their debut album is devoted to the great Russian lake, Baikal. Cold and majestic, it is famous for its depth, wilderness and unbelievable ice cracking patterns. So is Asian Death Crustacean act, magnificent and multilateral.

facebook page: AsianDeathCrustacean

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify

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