Goosebumps Chronicles ~4. End of 2020, 10 albums

Another season is over, that’s what we got. Image by lunamontem

The year 2020 brought a lot of new music, as the heroes of our blog have been working hard. They overcame the difficulties, so numerous in this quarantine age. While we are enjoying the best pieces, we wish all the best to every musician who appeared here in Selected Goosebumps!

Also check previous parts of our Chronicles for this year: number three and number two.

1. Monster Rally – Castaways Vol. 1 (2020)

In the end of August, this collection by LA based Monster Rally was released. A basket of sketches, a plenty of joy. These four EPs has never been issued, thus the time has come. So nice sensations and never ending light mood.

Castaways Vol. 1 (2020) | Adventures on the Floating Island (2019) at Sgbumps

2. Kairon; IRSE! – Polysomn (2020)

This album was dropped on 11th of September, 2020. So different from another work by the Finnish rockers, featured in Selected Goosebumps. But no less captivating. Mild, soft and slightly drowsy accents are covering album like fresh frost after the dark night.

Polysomn (2020) | Ujubasajuba (2019) at Sgbumps

3. Błoto – Kwiatostan (2020)

The same day, on the other coast of the Baltic Sea, “Kwiatostan” was born. it’s a correct name (“inflorescence”), as the compositions make a complete bunch of flowers for us to get pure pleasure. Watch it, smell it, and feel free to enjoy this great album.

Kwiatostan (2020) | Erozje (2020) at Sgbumps

4. Mint Field – 2020 – Sentimiento Mundial (2020)

Mexican trio embraces us by new compositions, slightly disturbing in the beginning but gradually unfolding their sentimental touching core. Good soundtrack for admiring the clouds flying by, both the ones you see above you and the imaginary clouds that live in your hearts…

Sentimiento Mundial (2020) | Mientras Esperas (2019) at Sgbumps

5. Warm Red – Decades of Breakfast (2020)

October came, and that’s the turn for the Warm Red collective from Atlanta, Georgia. Well, they go further and rawer, frank as always, now with several slightly slowed down tracks, for better digesting, it seems. Otherwise, it’s still excellent post-punk for you to dive into.

Decades of Breakfast (2020) |The Way Felt Feels (2019) at Sgbumps

6. Automatism – Immersion (2020)

What a great autumn album, with a pale grey cover to embarrass you. The trick is that these Swedes are very much into letting the melancholy merge with the joy. Each composition offers such a trip with so diverse feelings. Like catching the sun beams in the frosty fall morning.

Immersion (2020) |Into The Sea (2019) at Sgbumps

7. Gaye Su Akyol – Yort Savul: İSYAN MANİFESTOSU! (2020)

Turkish shiny star Gaye Su Akyol is back with a short but dazzling release. She explores her own possibilities to impress people by the unique talent she has. Three pieces, each being a germ, to listen in one breath. Both Asian and European, vintage and futuristic.

Yort Savul (2020) | İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir (2018) at Sgbumps

8. Metz – Atlas Vending (2020)

Well, METZ turns to the other side while staying the same. Although you’ll not face that straightforward force like in “Drained Lake”, or “Acetate”, the new album gives you a sugar pill to overcome this ongoing and seeming eternal isolation. Catchy, nervous and high pitched riffs will give you an isnstant remedy.

Atlas Vending (2020) | Strange Peace (2017) at Sgbumps

9. The Echelon Effect – Drift Static (2020)

In November, David Walters from UK presented his new opus. What’s inherent in The Echelon Effect, is that you can start listening from any single composition, and you’ll fall in love regardless of what you picked. This time, static. The wonder of the moment, no noise or disturbance.

Drift Static (2020) | Drift Ten (2020) at Sgbumps

10. Karkara – Nowhere Land (2020)

French fuzz masters offer a new journey, this time to Nowhere Land. It’s a dangerous adventure as you have some odds to lose yourself inside. Amazing views, fantastic ambience, and really cool vibes.

Nowhere Land (2020) | Crystal Gazer (2019) at Sgbumps

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