Hope The Flowers – I Miss You (2017)

a1003303663_16🇹🇭 Asian post-rock certainly has its peculiarities, and “I Miss You” by Hope The Flowers is no exception.

Thai band Hope The Flowers is certainly on their way to wide success. Last year (namely in 2017) “I Miss You” has emerged as collection of the band’s composition for the moment.

The beginning track, “Wake Up” was a surprise for me because it has inverse logic. The track starts out with massive sounding which we would expect not in this part… and then, when the night is over, you can get true meaning of Hope The Flowers.

To me, the most distinctive band’s thing is “Sunlight“. A ray of light making the melancholy fade away… for a better future!

facebook page: Hope The Flowers

Get this album via:  Google Play | Yandex.Music

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2 thoughts on “Hope The Flowers – I Miss You (2017)

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