Heisa – Heisa (2018)


🇧🇪 Here we have fine debut self-titled album by Belgian band Heisa. Extravagant and catchy, it immediately grabs attention and blows it up.

Pretty strange self (made; mixed; recorded) album indeed. Strange in a good sense meaning it is not similar to any kind of musical stuff. Pioneering but also growing out of conventional rock patterns in a way that destroys everything habitual.

Heisa describes their melodies as being infective (I could also add – “effective infective”). Exactly. Adorned by humble but penetrating vocals, distortion and also clear guitar notes, Heisa’s compositions are solid and long-lasting-between-your-ears.

Me, I could not resist when listening to “You’re Just Water With An Opinion” – sixth track. By the way, its title is quite appealing, needless to argue…

facebook page: Heisa Loves You

Get this album via: Apple Music | Google Play

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5 thoughts on “Heisa – Heisa (2018)

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