Xeaoxa – Harmonic Series Diverges (2020)


🇨🇦 Let us soak the Inscendence in. It is everywhere around us, and we can feel it while listening to xeaoxa’s new album

We suddenly arrive at Winnipeg, Manitoba, a Canadian province and a home for polar bears and the xeaoxa band. They never show up and introduce themselves. Is it a one man project or a huge ensemble? We don’t know this yet.

What we do know is the fact that xeaoxa creates beautiful soundscapes. Guitar sound is blended with synths, selected drums and mild bass. It’s all sounds shimmering as we listen to and keeps shimmering when the last passage is over.

It’s weel known that the Harmonic Series Diverges. But now I also know that it inspires and makes the breath deeper. It lets the inspiration of the next act, coming with the continuous legato, until the Last Mountain.

facebook page: xeaoxa | youtube channel

Get this album via: bandcamp

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3 thoughts on “Xeaoxa – Harmonic Series Diverges (2020)

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