Goosebumps Chronicles ~2. First half of 2020, 10 albums.

Through frosty fog with goosebumps. Image by lunamontem

In the Goosebumps Chronicles we are gliding over the river of time with our heroes. Here are the best new recordings from them so far.

a3563062112_161. Von Wegen Trio – Wald (2020)

Beginning of 2020, Von Wegen Trio continues their artistic journey. From the garden we move to the wild forest. Structured patterns give way to ample surfaces. And you know, we feel them both.

Wald (2020) | Garten (2019) at SGbumps

a1808316702_162. Postcards – The Good Soldier (2020)

The band from Beirut, Lebanon presents a nice album, shining with beautiful voice of Julia, accompanied by her mates. Dreamy, light and soothing one, and I really enjoy it.

The Good Soldier (2020) | What Lies So Still (2015) at SGbumps

a3538283632_163. GRIN – Translucent Blades (2020)

Middle of January, GRIN is back with something different. This time the release is way more experimental, raw and controversial. However, the bass is as terrific as we felt it before.

Translucent Blades (2020) | Revenant (2018) at SGbumps

a1153780755_164. Helicon – This Can Only Lead To Chaos (2020)

January was indeed a prolific month for SGbumps residents. Helicon has given birth to their second full length. Even more eclectic and unpredictable, a live alliance of sitar and rock.

This Can Only Lead To Chaos (2020) | Helicon (2017) at SGbumps

a0453127154_165. WildBadger – FloatWonderWeave (2020)

Chris Brock is back with the new sound, new pulses and even some vocals. Tribal spirit and shiny saxophone. What a strange and unusual cooperation!

FloatWonderWeave (2020) | The End Is a Beginning (2019) at SGbumps

a1042156436_166. Kungens Män – Trappmusik (2020)

The new be the Swedes piece was released in February, 2020. The people of the king are loyal to the crown, more than ever. “Trappmusik” appears to be even calmer and more delicate one.

Trappmusik (2020) | Hårt som ben (2019) at SGbumps

a3998346845_167. Folknery – Music from Two​​-​​Wheeled Chronicles, Vol. 2 (2020)

Ukrainian duo keeps on wheeling the planet. Good old melodies have obtained fresh connotations, the new ones arrive as well. The journey continues, and you’re invited to join!

Vol 2 (2020) | Vol. 1 (2018) at SGbumps

a1397828941_168. Ben Marston – The Pyrocene Etudes (2020)

This March work of Ben is dedicated to the disastrous fires which occurred in Australia last year. Again, brilliant trumpet and rich arrangements are telling the story, this time the tragic one.

The Pyrocene Etudes (2020) | Unfound Places (2018) at SGbumps

a2112115597_169. The Necks – Three (2020)

The titans do not stop. Here is 21st album from Australian trio, three pieces to wipe your mind out. Run-on, extremely experimental, multidimensional music sans frontiers.

Three (2020) | Body (2018) at SGbumps

a2989453767_1610. Castletroy – Искусство спит (2020)

And finally, new job by Russian duo released in April, 2020. Adorable uplifting wave. Wonderful atmospheric EP. It is pretty short, but aren’t our lives short as well?

Искусство спит (2020) | Великолепие В Листве (2018) at SGbumps

I’d like to thank each of the musicians for inspiration (and goosebumps!). Let’s wish them a great success in the future! And we are flying forward!

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