Postcards – What Lies So Still (2015)

a2573406823_16🇱🇧  A pearl from Beirut is today’s pick at Selected Goosebumps blog. Light and dreamy, music of Postcards is great to start a day with.

Postcards band is Julia Sabra, Marwan Tohme, Rany Bechara, and Pascal Semerdjian. When I first listened to them, I had no idea which country they are from. It sounds like something European, but not sure, this is what I thought.

Well, it turned out they represent exotic musical scene of Lebanon. For sure, it’s not what you can expect, since the music they play is like a wave coming back to you and melting you down. Nothing to do with reality spreading out in Lebanon, right? Perhaps the art has more power to conquer the hearts than anything else.

I’ve picked their work dated 2015 just because it is the most vibrant to me. In half, due to impression that I got out of the first track, Origami. It’s like a sketch, something elusive. You try to catch, but it disappears. The rest material on he EP is also bright and cloudy in the same time as the music swings between indie rock and dream pop with careful experiments included.

facebook page: postcardsmusic

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5 thoughts on “Postcards – What Lies So Still (2015)

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