Von Wegen Trio – Garten (2019)


🇩🇪 This garden invites us to spend some time in a friendly environment of empathy.

I admit there is almost no information about this collective. Von Wegen Trio hails from Cologne, Germany. It consists of Alex von Oppenbach (guitar, effects and mixing), Emil Gaub (drums) and Michael Thomer (bass).

This album was like a spontaneous creation. I mean it war recorder impromptu without rehearsals and any kind of planning. The musicians just came to the garten and started to improvise. So the result is supposed to be free from the limitations deriving from thoughts and intents.

The compositions here are like variations, not individual “songs”. You go through the garden, and rays of light are shining around you, reflect against the leaves. The soft wind brings some tunes and grooves.

Get this album via bandcamp

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2 thoughts on “Von Wegen Trio – Garten (2019)

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