Helicon – Helicon (2017)


Sitar and psychedelic rock: why not? It seems a perfect match. Helicon absorbs a bunch of tunes in “West meets East manner and makes an experiment out of it.

Helicon is a band coming from Glasgow (Scotland). Good representatives of British psychedelia with a fresh approach to the music they create. The self-titled album demonstrates evolution of the group as they move forward and become much way more solid and substantive.

Psychedelic rock may easily turn to something plangent; it’s not a case with Helicon as the album is diverse. From a raga-like “Seraph” the sound floats to electronic “Drinking Of You” and then to pretty light rocky “The Bold Yin”… Whilst “Valmiki” contains all these three components in one piece so its sounds eclectic but not synthetic. As for me, it’s the best composition out of the album.

facebook page: Helicon

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6 thoughts on “Helicon – Helicon (2017)

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