The Necks – Body (2018)


🇦🇺 It’s time not only for minimalistic avant-garde jazz, but also for a journey deep inside the sound.

The Necks is a famous trio consisting of Chris Abrahams on the keys, Tony Buck responsible for drums, percussion and guitar and Lloyd Swanton on acoustic bass, has been creating for decades.

“Body” depicts tremendous audial landscape. It’s gradually investigated by a listener with the help of Australian maestros. Being a long story, album consists of one track combining four episodes.

Somewhere in the middle of this journey, I suddenly realized it is not even jazzy improvisation but rather post-rock piece. Wonderful moment when it doesn’t matter how and when the art is created as it lives on his own.

facebook page: TheNecksMusic

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5 thoughts on “The Necks – Body (2018)

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