Grin – Revenant (2018)

a2216897872_16🇩🇪 I bet you cannot listen to it without a grin on your face. Man, “Revenant” is something overwhelming: get prepared for a horde of goosebumps!

Berlin-based duo Grin exploded this year with an outstanding heavyness lurking behind a weird cover.

As soon as you push play button you immediately get the full force of Grin. A sieve with fat! Jan has written all this stuff, performed drum parties, added noises and whispers. Bass is in Sabine’s hands and it’s tremendous!

It seems this duo is a married couple although it’s complicated to find anything about Grin! In this case, it’s a great feature as they feel each other exceptionally, allowing to extend their resonanse to the music they create!

Well, stop chatting and jump!

facebook page: GRINCULT

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5 thoughts on “Grin – Revenant (2018)

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