Ben Marston & Hugh Barrett – Unfound Places (2018)


🇦🇺 Pure intelligent jazzy music for today’s mood. You’ll encounter pearls of Ben’s trumpet solos surrounded by fancy electronic and handmade backgrounds.

Trumpet and laptop seem to be a perfect match, and Ben Marston knows how to harness strengths of both. The first track, “The Crisp Breath Of Dawn“, unveils minimum of artificial sounds and lets us just stay calm and await for audial pictures, which Ben Marston has prepared for us.

With each composition we are getting deeper into tiny sensation of presence. It’s under emotions and rhythmes created by Ben with the help of Hugh Barrett who manages keys on this record.

Speechless and quiet, “Unfound Places” deals with unique states of human inner self, and also nature as we are part of it. Sometimes while listening to this album I found myself in timeless pause between events and vanity. This is the best gift we can only imagine put of the music.

facebook page: Ben Marston

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5 thoughts on “Ben Marston & Hugh Barrett – Unfound Places (2018)

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