Sei Still – Sei Still (2020)

a3603043548_16🇲🇽 Calm and atmospheric kraut from Mexico is today’s pick for Selected Goosebumps blog!


Sei Still is a band from Ciudad de México, consisting of five members. The guys make effort to redefine motorik in order to give it new fresh sound. I think not only about German scene. Chilean also, Duh, we are in Mexico! Let’s say this music is universal.

Vibrant waves are spreading throughout the space. They take you with them by levitating you far from the ground. No place for a verse. A flip side of the melody is what we face here.

My favorite composition probably is “Emisión”. It’ the one (but not the only) which makes you washing off the self. Turn it on, and you easily get the idea. Some headbanging us welcome. And the goosebumps, if you make it a little bit louder!

facebook page: SeiStillBand

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3 thoughts on “Sei Still – Sei Still (2020)

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