Cromattista – Rampas y túneles (2020)


🇦🇷 It’s a great instrumental rock under experiments that add a plenty of hues and meanings.

Cromattista band is from Rosario, one of the biggest Argentinian cities. The trio is Jorge Capriotti (guitar, electric organ, effects), Maxi Falcone (guitar, synths, and programming) and Lalo Giandoménico (drums and percussion). There are also guest musicains on this album who played brass instruments (sax, trumpet, and flute).

You’ll meet unusual and eclectic things while listening. Notice nice waltz tempo among one of the compositions. It sounds brilliant, and is followed by some kind of switch to excentric post-rock.

The band is fond of geometrical and color forms. Follow their giudelines and explore that audial tunnels together with Argentinian rockers!

facebook page: ddsaladillo

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5 thoughts on “Cromattista – Rampas y túneles (2020)

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