Da Voile – The Air We Breathe (2020)


🇧🇾 Sometimes romantia and tragic fellings are followed by sublime and joyful ones. This ia exactly the case of Da Voile.

This album is a collection of stories. Here we meet a silent tearful train passenger. The trees are talking about their youth. And the last one is told under a little canopy. Like the brush strokes, the sounds oа this musiс appear on the canvas.

Da Voile is a musical child of Evgeny Shchekochikhin from Grodno, Belarus. He manages everything in his project himself. Ideas of Evgeny come to live with a help of guitar, piano, synths, and drums.

“The Air We Breathe” is a light and soaring album. Its compositions has a lot of meaning, allowing the listeners to obtain their own ones. I appreciate it when the author makes a step aside, without insisting and stressing his personal point.

vk page: da_voile

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4 thoughts on “Da Voile – The Air We Breathe (2020)

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