Gazelle(s) – True Meridian (2020)

🇺🇸 The Gazelle(s) band is back with a fresh atmospheric piece

Four members of the group are Matthew Kaplowitz, Tim Jim Smith, Michelle Whitlock, and Neal Williams. Gazelle(s) has been improving their selected style based on guitar-driven post-rock, structures, wonderful melodies for a violin, americana, and some heavier riffs.

“True Meridian” appears to be a deep album with progressive non-conventional sound. You need to taste it at least several times. If so, you’ll surely get a fragile inspiration which will open your eyes and fill your ears.

My personal pick is “Clemency for the Heathen” with its rich tragic ambience and boosted culmination. Afterwards, there is much lighter composition, “Sunset over Harvest”. It perfectly fits the finale, atmospheric and mathy in the same time.

facebook page: gazellesss

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4 thoughts on “Gazelle(s) – True Meridian (2020)

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