Zen In Space – Earth Tones (2020)

a3386776072_16🇦🇺  Australian landscapes inspired Zen In Space to create this awesome LP which is charged by the nature.





The author decided to tell the world how beautiful is our environment. He did not record any speech. Instead, he appealed to the music as universal language. Electronic and modern, it reflects the achievement of the humanity. Nevertheless, it refers to innocent domains like origin of our planet.

A subtle breeze comes to us while we are listening to Zen In Space. Quiet and downtempo, the music embodies the globe’s vibes, its breath through sands and evergreen shrubs.

Zen In Space virtually transfers as to Australian Pacific coast. You can walk along the surf line barefoot,ankles drowning in the sand. Watch the mountains closing afar. The birds heading to their nests and wild animals busy with everyday life. It’ our Earth which we should be grateful to for a treasure to live on.

facebook page: zeninspace

Get this album via bandcamp | apple.music

You may also be inspired by The Echelon Effect | Vogor | Robert Harvey

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