Sonar – Live at Moods (2018)

a1092854074_16🇨🇭 Sonar’s live is something more than just a rock concert. It’s a spectacle without actors but with great artists.

All starts with massive bass lines of “Twofold Covering“, one of the Sonar’s recognized masterpieces. You just cannot resist, it gets inside and stays there. Selected compositions all the way long. That guitar in “Tromsø“, isn’t is marvellous?

The live album of a band is always interesting to put in. You play with your memory when slide along the tracks you’ve previously heard. “Live at Moods” is a special one, because you’re just living it.

You’ll find here in abundance elaborated structures and polyrhythmic constructions spiced by improvisations. Sonar thoroughly performs its best material, serving brilliant dishes for experienced tasters.

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2 thoughts on “Sonar – Live at Moods (2018)

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