Ateria – And_vari (2021)

🇮🇸 Music born in Iceland is always something special and the debut album by Ateria is not an exception.

This band is a trio made by young relatives (siblings and their cousin), Ása, Eir, and Fönn. It took a while to make “And_vari”, taking to account all these pandemic consequences. Anyway, today we can plunge into this mysterious world, romantic and tragic, enlightened and fragile.

Eight short tracks, ballads or sagas, are on the album. Dizziness comes with the first notes, and it is going to follow each your breath. Drums which are pretty close to the heartbeat. Strings’ waves are just slightly covering the nudity of souls.

Nordic minimalism is blossoming here with the full force. One on one with the emptiness and feelings which cannot reach their exodus. Closed-loop emotion which meets you and converts into the ice, hot in its core.

facebook page: somosateria

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