Troot – Constance and the Waiting (2018)


🇺🇸 They call it chamber-prog. Fantastically mighty music written by exceptional contemporary composer Tim Root and performed his great collective.


TROOT is a decimet – meaning a group of 10 (!) virtuosic musicians. Tim Root himself is from Seattle, US. However, his orchestra is international as his mates come from all around the world. It’s a brilliant album at the top of avant-prog scene. If you are not familiar with, you may start with TROOT and fell in love.

A regiment of goosebumps is scattered throughout the record. From time to time these goosebumps gather and attack you straight in the ears and your heart. Get this ambience of sound and become a goosebump yourself!

facebook page: TROOT Music

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play

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7 thoughts on “Troot – Constance and the Waiting (2018)

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