Yugen – Mirrors (2012)


🇮🇹 These mirrors reflect variety of sounds which are heard by them, with all complexity and even entanglement.

Francesco Zago is Italian composer leading Yugen collective. His ensemble is multidimensional: seven participants, a wide range of instruments, polyphonic complex sounding. Brilliant release in avant-prog galaxy showing all its delicacies.

Yugen‘s distinctive feature (well, one of them) is wonderful voice of marimba which gets in contact with piano, synths, guitar and bass. Not to forget about sax and clarinets, drums and organ – you’ll taste them altogether on this album. By the way, some portions of applause fit the record perfectly: the core of Yugen‘s music is life performance.

Try not to be reflected yourself while listening to it. Or even do not try…

facebook page: YugenTheBand

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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