Tfatfy – Well, Excuse Me (2018)


🇬🇷  TFATFY – what a word!.. The same reaction comes up when listening to their album: it’s curiosity oiled up by bewilderment seasoning.

This quartet comes from Athenes, Greece. In 2018 these lads are ready to present to us their stylish approach to contemporary music.  The debut album is entitled “Well, Excuse Me” and has something interesting under its cover.

Thick sound, enlightened landscapes, some of them barren while the rest lurking at the beginning… Rooted in jazz and also in psychedelic prog-rock, TFATFY delivers great fusion right to our heart of hearts.

They’re talking about experiencing the unknown, but talking without words. Where are the borders of the music and id there intersection between music and thought? Are they separate musicians collaborating to create a mixture of individual experience or is this story all about synergy? Perhaps TFATFY have some answers. Let’s ask them right now: push the button “play” as the button “rec” is already somehow pressed.

facebook page: TFATFY

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4 thoughts on “Tfatfy – Well, Excuse Me (2018)

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