Gosseyn – Schizophonia (2018)


🇫🇷 Strange and mysterious world of Gosseyn should attract connoisseurs of fusion and untethered musical experiments.

You’ll barely find something about Gosseyn – musical hybrid appeared in Glomel, France. What they explain is that their art is a great mix of influences, desires and freedom in the arrangements. I’d say it’s a complete description of the band’s approach and the style of its main author, Joachim Mouflin.

The first track, “Bonjour chez vous numero 6“, leaves an ambiguous impression as it is constructed of several parts: the main rhythmic topic allows also extended metamorphosis.

There’s a masterpiece, “Humpty Dumpty“, lurking under the cover. Should you get the idea of Gosseyn’s atmosphere, pick this one. Perhaps you’ll catch him (or he’ll trick you – who knows)…

facebook page: GosseynQuintet

Get this album via bandcamp

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5 thoughts on “Gosseyn – Schizophonia (2018)

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