Knalpot – Dierendag (2018)


🇳🇱 Dutch duo Knalpot presents brand new record which was done in live mode: nice collaboration between guitar, drums and variety of synths.

These two guys are Gerri Jäger and They also have at least two helpers – sound designer Sandor Caron and collective good taste: this tool combines feelings of each musician and converts all into ever lasting experiment.

“Dierendag” is pretty strange work as authors do not apply any standards. Forget about styles and traditions: what they do is rock, electronic music and somewhat pop in one time.

To me, their “Yes, please” dated 2014 was easier to conceive… perhaps the reason is “Dierendag” was done live in studio and it matters a lot when you get in contact with a sound. It’s like a friend invited you to the rehearsal of a band you\ve never listened of before. And here the story begins… (Feel yourselves invited too).

facebook page: Knalpot

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2 thoughts on “Knalpot – Dierendag (2018)

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