Goosebumps Chronicles ~7. Late Spring – Early Summer 2021, 10 albums

Gliding further… Image by lunamontem

The summer occurred to be a prolific season for our artists. Among the list of new releases we picked 10 best acts from all spheres and domains of good music.

1. The Stolen Orchestra – Quiet Surrender, Vol​.​1 (2021)

🇦🇺 On last day of April, Australian project The Stolen Orchestra released something which you can pour yourself into.

Forget everything and forgive all what you haven’t dare to forgive. Just put “Quiet Surrender” on and keep quiet. The rest will come itself, and you don’t need to build any wall against it. Be a part of the world, together with The Stolen Orchestra.

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Previous masterpiece by The Stolen Orchestra, “Everything Is Happening” (2020), in our Selected Ethereal World Compilation.

2. The Grand Astoria – The Slowest Guitar Alive (2021)

🇷🇺 In May, mighty rockers from St Petersburg, Russia, revealed their slowest guitar. It’s time to check this out. It seems something opposite to preceding Astoria’s works.

Being strange and mysterious, the compositions may confuse you as they appear to blend good rock with Western notes, some sort of dub and thick layers of psychedelia. let’s call this act another dimension of the band.

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Previous masterpiece by The Grand Astoria, “From the Great Beyond”, in our Selected Blooming in the Wild Compilation.

3. Owen Pitch – Measure (2021)

🇷🇺 A bunch of new digital vibes arriving with this record by Russian modern composer Owen Pitch.

These compositions are undistracted and seeming somewhat withdrawn. While going deeper into the listening, you’ll get more mystical waves and the sense of the higher substance.

Portions of the human voices are scattered here and there, and the rest surface is left for electronica and even for the aliens, I think.

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Previous masterpiece by Owen Pitch, “Intonarumori” (2020), in our Selected Feel the Vibes Compilation

4. Efrén López & Christos Barbas – Atlas (2021)

🇪🇸 This time maestro López joins forces with Christos Barbas, who plays ney and lavta, Turkish wind and string instruments respectively.

As for Efrén, as you probably guess, there is always a rich ensebmle of instruments involved, each one with its own history and meaning.

This album retrospects the medieval times through referring to Mediterranean and Ottoman classical traditions, reflected and reworked by two masters.

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Previous masterpieces by Efrén López, 3,14 – Bombyx Mori (2020), and a post in our ALive section

5. Bleeth – Harbinger (2021)

🇺🇸 Bleeth is once again here, and this means we get a fresh portion of slow-paced doom blended with elegant post-hardcore.

Selected riffs melt the universe you belong to and wipe out your weariness and tiredness of metal. Instead of inventing anything which seems new, these guys stay true to themselves and just go straight. As always, nice vocals by Lauren as a true trait of Bleeth.

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Previous masterpiece by Bleeth, “Geomancer” (2018)

6. Albaluna – Heptad (2021)

🇵🇹 June started with a great update from Portuguese collective Albaluna. Spirit of the medieval times is delivered by them to our days by means of authentic instruments.

However, it doesn’t stay intact, as the band involves some rocky stuff, guitars and drums, to make it catchy and loud. Pleasant proof that these two elements can be united and sound beautiful together.

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Previous masterpiece by Albaluna – Rotas Romani (2020)

7. Munknörr – Shaman (2021)

🇺🇾 The dark side of the music this time is represented by Munknörr from Uruguay. He invites us for a next adventure.

Back to the human roots, with empathy towards the nature and mystic matters. Free yourself and step forward, as you are welcome like every living creature. Hold your breath and look around. There are some souls around, even if you normally see nothing but machines.

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Previous masterpiece by Munknörr, “Aegishjalmur” (2019)

8. Arlstape – Arlstape Vol​​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​​8 (2021)

🇯🇵 Arlstape project is especially prolific this year. Series just after series, each one deserving pure attention.

These guys continue with their own approach and share their mood with the listeners. My choice is Vol.8, as it happens to be bright and eclectic. Even some weird voices from the streets, from the city and from the wilds, all wandering along and across these compositions.

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Previous masterpiece by Arlstape, Arlstape Vol​​​​.​​​​4 (2021), in our Selected Blooming in the Wild Compilation

9. Vitvingod – Sonus Abyssi (2021)

🇭🇺 Now, time to arrive at Hungary for a while. We’re here for a delicious instrumental album, fifth by Vitvingod. By the way, this name is derived rather from the white wings, than from any god.

The album sound mild and soft, letting you feel the underwater depths. Don’t worry, no beasts and no danger for you. Only friendly creatures which don’t minв to be investigated by us, the humans.

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Previous masterpiece by Vitvingod, “Exortus Solis” (2020) in our Selected Snap Metamorphosis Compilation

10. Bossk – Migration (2021)

🇬🇧 The last but not the easiest work in this compilation. Bossk is back, and it is an outstanding event. Hey, you know that Johannes Persson has participated in this album?

But that’s not the only reason to grab the record immediately. Any job by Bossk is a marvel. It took five long years since “Audio Noir”, and now it’s time to taste each second of the fresh full length.

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Previous masterpiece by Bossk, “Audio Noir” (2016)

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