Ethereal world. 5 Albums Bringing You Fresh Air

Open the window for this wonderful music. Image: artgiagzhel

Today’s Selected Goosebumps compilation unveils five varied albums at the intersection of genres. All five discover ethereal soundscapes waiting for your sight and presence. Neoclassical music, post-rock, folktronica and experimental art, that’s what our artists have prepared for your conscious listening.

1. The Stolen Orchestra – Everything Is Happening (2020)

🇦🇺 We start our trip in Australia. Matty Sievers, who runs the project called “The Stolen Orchestra”, deals with especially touching sounds and openings.

I just leave here the author’s message. “Every note, every piano chord, every string bowed and every sound is entirely yours to decipher. To sit with, to ponder. To love and to hate and to feel indifferent to.” Nothing to add, as this gift comes straight to us.

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2. Lines In Space – Longing​/​Belonging (2021)

🇮🇳 Straight to Calcutta, India to get a sensation of the upcoming spring. Another one-man project, taking the best from ambient, electronics and some post-rock.

Six compositions, six pieces of the dream and the aspiration of something great to come. No need to use words, as the music is the universal language common to any soul it meets on its way. All you need is to open your heart and meet this peaceful ambience.

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3. Dva Dereva – Parallel Ways Of Enlightenment (2020)

🇺🇦 This release comes from Ukraine. The duo of two enlightened souls, in person, Artem Cherchynskyi and Nadya Makarova, is around since the year 2010.

Together they continue the eternal research of the deepest layers of sound and its interaction with the human. At first, they had been using archaic musical instruments, and now a range of electronic tools is involved in live and studio performances.

This album turns another page of the group’s history, bright and promising one.

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4. Green Horizon – The Island (2020)

🇹🇼 Green Horizon is one-person project from Taiwan, and his time, there is a nice lady behind. Her album is like a small island somewhere in the ocean. It’s surrounded by tiny waves, and loose clouds are floating above.

This music is fragile and heart-warming. Six pretty compact compositions follow each other and deliver you to a strange dreamy state, letting to slow down and be yourself for a while.

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5. Kjell Braaten – Ferd (2020)

🇳🇴 Our fifth artist hails from Bergen, Norway. In Kjell Braaten’s music, ancient Nordic spirit meets the global sonic wave. Thus, a listener encounters the sounds of authentic instruments from all around the Earth. Thanks to Kjell, the voices of the distant peoples and ages are heard in the same compositions, like the quintessence of the ethnic art.

This album is so broad and massive, that probably you should listen it again and again in order to reach the full feeling, like I did myself.

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