Snap Metamorphosis. 5 Upbeat Post-rock Acts for Your Revival

Out of a seed. Image: lunamontem

Every living creature is involved in the life circle, even if it doesn’t realize its movement starting from the seed…

1. Vanish – Seen / Unseen (2020)

🇭🇰 Vanish is an instrumental project run by three guys from Hong Kong. Kobe, Kurt and Angel present their fresh work, full of the ocean waves and clouds hovering over.

The great fact is that the music by Vanish is apparently true ti itself, meaning it’s exactly the same in the core as the first impression is.

Five compositions, bright colors, some dreams and feelings follow us while we float without strict direction. That’s cool, just to let the waves keep the body balancing on the surface.

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2. Rihos – Los Ríos Corren Para Dar Vida (2020)

🇦🇷 Our next record comes straight from the shore of the Lake Alumine, Neuquen, Argentina. The local RIHOS band is proud to present their debut EP. Mild, attractive and vitalizing, this music overcomes the dark sides of the life.

You literally move from darkness to light while listening to this record. Through dim ambient to the regenerating continuum, where the death concerts to the life, and the new seedlings come to the surface.

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3. Vitvingod – Exortus Solis (2020)

🇭🇺 Another part of the globe. We’re in Debrecen, Hungary, where Pallai Balázs creates his wonderful soundscapes. Swaying from vibrating instrumental rock to post rock and back, the melodies come around and involve you in their roundelay.

Pretty brind ant passionate album for both tough times and pleasant moments. Flames of the different kinds will follow the journey until the very last whisper. Just let them make circles and rows, you in the middle.

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4. Across The Moment – Symbiosis (2020)

🇵🇱 Across The Moment hails from Poland. The trio respects the great traditions of experimental sound with both guitar and electronic influences, however, searching for their own approach.

It’s always a pleasure to listen to the music which brings you both melancholic and optimistic notes. Let’s say, a symbiosis of romance and hope, sadness and joy.

It’s like a trip to the cloudy sky, where the future shines and invites us to taste it.

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5. A Sudden Burst Of Colour – Transgressor​/​Decoder (2020)

🇬🇧 Our journey comes to its finale in Motherwell, UK. Yet it’s not an end. of course. You know, the sound waves are travelling regardless of one’s will to turn the volume down.

This record by A Sudden Burst Of Colour is short but promising. Two stories with immense atmosphere which envelops you and throws to the open space.

As a bonus, alternative electronic versions are served, for you to reflect and to find another dimension of the experience.

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