3,14 – Bombyx Mori (2020)

🇪🇸 Such a pearl in the ocean of music. Three masters, plenty of voices, each one interwoven into the immortal spirit.

We enter the hall with high ceiling and the sound makes us skip a heartbeat. That’s kind of 3,14 effect. Just listen to the music without borders and any causation.

Efrén López, Ciro Montanari and Jordi Prats had started 3,14 band several years ago. Since the very first moments, maestros have been traveling into several cultures one time. You’ll hear all of the places: Mediterranean region, Middle East, Central Asia, India, and beyond.

I just have to put a list of involved instruments to let you get an idea how vast 3,14 is. They play Herati dutar, hurdy gurdy, oğur sazı, tanpura, oud, sagat, gong, Azeri tar, daf, Afghan rabab, basslaute, swarmandal, kudüm, ziltabla, udu, kayamb, calabash, sarod, yaylı tanbur, rebab, riq, Persian santur, and cello, all featured here on the album.

facebook page: Jordi Prats | Ciro Montanari |Efren Lopez

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify| deezer | apple.music | google.play

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4 thoughts on “3,14 – Bombyx Mori (2020)

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