Munknörr – Aegishjalmur (2019)

a3893755869_16🇺🇾 Celtic music born in Uruguay? Yes, it’s possible; moreover, it’s more special thing than you could expect. Let’s follow the rune of Munknörr!

Damián Schneider, living in Montevideo, Uruguay, composes and performs music under the name of Munknörr. His art corresponds to the Northern traditions of Vikings, with their pagan culture and legends.

Damián’s approach is careful and minimalistic: he avoids rough and well-worn sounds.  Conversely, his calm arrangements are atmospherics, thanks to non-Northern didgeridoo and horns widely used throughout the record. However, pithy chants let us back to Scandinavians praising Odin and his entourage.

The author calls about “dark but relaxed vibe” on his presentation page. Surely, this is exact formulation as the epochs breath into a listereners’ ears when listening to ethereal “Aegishjalmur“…

facebook page: Munknorr

Get this album via  bandcamp | deezer | |

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