Albaluna – Rotas Romani (2020)

🇵🇹 The Atlantic wave brought us a pearl. It’s a brilliant album by Albaluna of Portugal.

Albaluna comes from the city of Torres Vedras. The collective consists of Raquel Monteiro (vocals, violin, medieval vielle, dilruba), Tiago Santos (drums), Ruben Monteiro (vocals, hurdy-gurdy, Afghan rubab, baglama, oud, guitar), Christian Marr’s (vocals, bass, double bass), Carla Costa (bagpipes, tin whistle, ney), and Dinis Coelho (varied percussion). So rich arsenal of instruments can’t be misleading. They all sound magnifying.

Combining Mediterranean motifs with medieval atmospheric melodies, adding oriental paints and modern improvisations, Albaluna creates something special, touching and pulsing under your skin.

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5 thoughts on “Albaluna – Rotas Romani (2020)

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