Efrén López: ALive

efren-lopez-trio-bgEfrén López is a talented composer and multi-instrumentalist from Spain. He devotes himself to the traditional music of ancient times that sounds so modern.

Efrén has been exploring Mediterranean music for years. His focus is not only on European art. He is exploring native instruments, involving them into his practice. On his rich artistic way, Efrén has been collaborating with the masters from all around the world, participating in ensembles and surprising the crowd with the new music. Efrén’s instruments include lute, rabab, santur indi, cumbus, tanpura, and a long row of others.

I propose to start with this brilliant composition and then to surf through the range of Efrén’s live videos.

Find more about Efrén López at youtubebandcampofficial website

2 thoughts on “Efrén López: ALive

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