Намгар | Namgar – Nayan Navaa (2021)

🇷🇺 “Nayan Navaa” appears to be adorable act which has embodied ancient ethnic art, acoustic experiments and bright rock spirit.

Namgar Lhasaranova, the ambassador of Buryat music, and her ensemble, are back with a brand new work full of ethereal atmosphere.

The album opens a door to a high valley hidden in the mountains somewhere in Buryatia, a land that holds a heritage of the centuries.

You’ll hear Namgar’s amazing voice, the sounds of traditional instruments (yatag, chanza, morin khuur, aman khuur and others), and amplified rhythm section. A row of melodies and recording found by the artists, receives new live and astonishing sounding.

facebook page: namgarofficial

Get this album via bandcamp | spotify | deezer | apple.music | youtube.music | yandex.music

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2 thoughts on “Намгар | Namgar – Nayan Navaa (2021)

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