Goosebumps Chronicles ~5. Winter 2021, 10 albums

Fire and smoke, winter days fade away…  Image by lunamontem

How did our heroes spend the final of the year 2020 and start of the next one? Who made the audience happy with a new works? Here we have 10 selected pieces for you to re-discover.

1. Helicon – Fuzz Club Session (2020)

🇬🇧 In late December Helicon has finished the year 2020 on a high note. Live album as a result of the brilliant performance in Fuzz Club.

Instrumentals, portions of mystics, calmness and energy, and this time some vocals also appearing in the compositions. So it’s a total fusion of Helicon’s outstanding stuff, letting you catch the vibes and sway on the waves.

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Another masterpiece by Helicon: Helicon (2017)

2. Montana Wildhack – Summer (2020)

🇦🇺 Australian six piece continues its story, sharing with us both bright and dull moments. Rays of light, water droplets, midair full of sounds. Some of us are in a rush, while others are tired.

Five songs of various pace and mood. Saturated with vague shoegaze, somewhere in between dream pop and noise rock.

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Another masterpiece by Montana Wildhack: Soak (2019)

3. Lonely Leary – Passenger On the Eve (2020)

🇨🇳 The third December gift comes from China. Lonely Leary explores further the world of musical emotion, getting to the dark side of human, our society and nature.

My favorite track is “The Breakwater Announces” thanks to its dense atmosphere and tense narrative. It’ like you are a witness of strange events occurring around you, with no clue on what’s going on.

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Another masterpiece by Lonely Leary: Through the Park, Almost There (2018)

4. TmbaTa Orchestra – Fantastic Komitas (2021)

🇦🇲 TmbaTa Orchestra continues to delight the auditory. These wonderful people are back with even more groovy album. Reaching the highs, the voices are not stopping there. So do the instruments, which create unique charm of TmbaTa Orchestra.

This album has a bunch of great compositions, nothing to skip and no time to yawn.

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Another masterpiece by TmbaTa Orchestra: Zar Z’ng’ (2020)

5. Cult Of Luna – The Raging River

🇸🇪 Each time Swedish titans drop something new, it’s an event. One can think anything, but this music stays itself, pretty much heavy and so nice in the same time.

Four powerful pieces, with a ballad in the middle. Resembling everything CoL has done before, but fresh and unique. It’s like their own galaxy, which evolves regardless of the rest.

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Another masterpiece by Cult of Luna: A Dawn to Fear (2019)

6. Kungens Män – Den Nya Skivan (2021)

🇸🇪 Gloomy February was brightened by another Swedish band, the royal one. Kungens Män set a new record. And you don’t really need glasses to see it clearly.

Four vast compositions seem infinite. Selected kraut continuum overcomes time and leads you to a quiet place where you can stay safe and praise the glory of the universe.

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Another masterpiece by Kungens Män: Hårt som ben (2019)

7. Maninkari – Fahon (2021)

🇫🇷 French Maninkari presents a collection of live recordings recorded in two last years. Minimalism in tools, as al was recorded with a few equipments. Minimalism in sound: Olivier Charlot played only frame drums and Frédéric Charlot extracts sounds out of his viola.

However, this set is enough to create unique atmosphere, captivating and magnetizing. Exceptional experience at the turn of the music, spiritual act, and breathing.

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Another masterpiece by Maninkari: Third Session (2019)

8. Tó Anjo | Eir – Collection I (2021)

🇵🇹 This time Portuguese sound designer Tó Anjo decided to publish a work under his own name. This humble EP unites four short pieces, light as a feather and cloudy.

When the pulse is slowing down and the images from your childhood appear, you have this feeling of something tiny and faint. Don’t focus, just let it stay for a while when listening to Tó Anjo’s music.

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Another masterpiece by Eir: Leftover Human Form (2020) – in our compilation

9. Five the Hierophant – Through Aureate Void (2021)

🇬🇧 One more outstanding release in February. British collective Five the Hierophant dives into the depths of the abyss, taking with them all the best they can think of.

Dark jazz, avant-garde metal, or experimental music, call this as you wish. None of these labels would reflect the core of this art. Groove, resonating and overwhelming, that’s what you are going to listen to.

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Another masterpiece by Five The Hierophant: Over Phlegethon (2017)

10. Echoes of Zoo – 2021 – Breakout [BEL]

🇧🇪 March is a special month for the zoo inhabitants. The creatures come out of hibernation, check their limbs and fur and begin to make sounds.

Within the “Breakout” album, Belgian Echoes of Zoo improve their style, allowing even more fusion, unexpected passages and echoes from all corners of the world. Catch your own ones while dancing around bullets!

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Another masterpiece by Echoes of Zoo: First Provocations EP (2019)

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