Through the eyes of the better. 5 ambient albums to improve your mood

Are the eyes being watched or are they doing the watching? Image: lunamontem

Ambient music has plenty of dimensions. Some of the artists prefer melancholic conditions, others stick to something abstract, and there are the ones who deal with especially upbeat music. Not so many of the musicians, as our times are not that light and promising. Selected Goosebumps picked five albums to change your mood and unveil the hope and happiness right away.

1. Alwaves – Sonic Garden (2020)

🇮🇹 Diego Marchetti from Varese, Italy, invites us for a walk in the fairy garden. Here, the foliage and the inflorescence have all the colors of the rainbow. This garden doesn’t have its owner, it is always available for us. Just find out that it blossoms somewhere in the middle of a labyrinth which we have been constructing for all these years we are on this planet…

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2. A Journey of Giraffes – Sunshine Pilgrim Map (2020)

🇺🇸 Our journey continues as we join the giraffe. Together with his author, he leads us into the depths of the savannah. This landscape is filled with soothing sounds, waving towards us from afar. This album is composed of small episodes that complement each other gracefully. Immersed in any of them, you will not notice how smoothly you slide along several pieces at once, under the murmur of water and the call of birds.

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3. Eir – Leftover Human Form (2020)

🇵🇹 In the middle of our way, we meet Tó Anjo from the North of Portugal. His prolific project, Eir, was replenished with the “Leftover Human Form”, vivid and calm. Here the strings and the keys sounds are supported by nice touching background, staying with you all the time. Eir lefts a couple of inklings for us to better feel his music, just take a look on the titles of these tracks.

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4. Polypores – Azure (2020)

🇬🇧 Stephen James Buckley from Preston, UK, continues our adventure. His “Azure” delivers us right to the oceanic shore, where the smooth breeze embraces us and pours our hearts with nice feelings. Created with modular synths and enriched with selected arrangements and Polynesian influences, this album represents the scenery of sunken cities and virgin beaches.

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5. Christian Kleine – Touch & Fuse (2020)

🇩🇪 Christian Kleine, currently based in Berlin, Germany, tells his stories in the special language. Although it’s based on samples, breaks, all that drum and bass features, it has something delicate in its core. Christian’s music acquires surprising ability to reach a listener’s subconsciousness and its seeds. As a result, you can easily fall out of the moment and dive into your scattered memories and aspirations.

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