Montana Wildhack – Soak (2019)

a1356395809_16🇦🇺 Let’s fly out the window and rise as high as we can… To somewhere far away, soaking in the mist and rays of light… Australian band Montana Wildhack invites us for such a trip.  

It’s not so often the case when distortion and pedals are used for highlighting beautiful calmness. We expect noise coming to us and crushing or disturbing or just making us jumping off our sneakers to it. With Montana Wildhack, we face absolutely other story: although their wall of sound is pretty heavy, it’s appearing from time to time and seems only one side of the coin.

The other is wonderful brandname voice of Aliza Caruso, the band’s bass guitarist also responsible for vocals. This match between roaring guitars and melodic purring will melt you down.

It evolves in different ways: for instance, in “Waiting Room” tiny contrasts and dissonances are hidden; while in “Leroy“, the first track of the album, the story goes steadily…  It’s like laying on the meadow and floating in the clouds in imagination…

Facebook page: Montydoubleu

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4 thoughts on “Montana Wildhack – Soak (2019)

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