Echoes of Zoo – First Provocations EP (2019)


🇧🇪 For sure, the sound is a substance perceived by living creatures and animals feel it better than humans. Is this art for us or animals? I don’t know.

Echoes of Zoo, new quartet from Belgium, is happy to have a first child (and this child is a pretty scamp as indicated by EP’s title). All musicians have experienced track behind their backs, and now it’s time for something special, something not played and heard before.

Their jazz have a punkish or even metalhead’s temper. It’s solid and daring like a panther ready to jump over and ambush you. Psychedelic jazz with sharp fangs. Massive saxophone part is served with powerful rhythm section and seasoned with extravagant guitar.

Can’t wait for the full-length record of the lads. I hope that provocation will be pursued in a diversion mode.

facebook page: Echoesofzoo

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

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5 thoughts on “Echoes of Zoo – First Provocations EP (2019)

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