Warm Red – The Way Felt Feels (2019)

a0686587204_16🇺🇸 Is there a delicate method to blow the mind? Rest assured, it’s called Warm Red. What else to add? Ah, I’ve just pushed “play” button…

Warm Red band is coming from Atlanta, Georgia. You’ll barely find anything else about these guys. I hope at some point they’ll solve this and I will correct these lines immediately 😉

They seem weird and a little bit crazy. With the sharp sound they penetrate the hearts and do some mess. I guess these songs are about our reality – something that comes back each day. Fast-paced, careles enough, it’s all about this stuff. I think “animal” and “dottie” are the most catchy ones. Delivering rock’n’roll to some point where it gets lost completely. “The Way Felt Feels” is a debut EP and I’m sure the guys will make more noise during threir career!

Get this album via bandcamp

3 thoughts on “Warm Red – The Way Felt Feels (2019)

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