Mint Field – Mientras Esperas (2019)

a0698085213_16🇲🇽 Welcome to the field of the wild mint. Take a running leap and jump. The ripe spice will calm you down and fill up your cells correctly.

Mint Field band comes from Tijuana, Mexico. Their latest release,  Mientras Esperas, is online since the spring, 2019. Even the album’s cover is something in grayscale, the music inside is awesome. Emotional and sensual, it embraces a listener’s heart and makes it bumping.

My favorite track is Jardin de la Paz, where you can find deep vibe and plenty of tiny goosebumps. It’s still wandering through the memory and causing mild minty feeling.

The trio is Estrella del Sol Sánchez, Amor Amezcua and Sebastian Neyra which joined beautiful ladies on their pathway bringing his basslines. Altogether, they sound inspiring, and I’m sure you should subscribe for upcoming Mint Field stuff!

Get this album via Apple Music | Google Play | bandcamp

facebook page: MintfieldBand

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3 thoughts on “Mint Field – Mientras Esperas (2019)

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