Karkara – Crystal Gazer (2019)

a3498929277_16🇫🇷 Exceptional album full of surprising stuff. The one that will blow you up in a minute.

Mystic East dissolved in precise riffs and rolling tempo. Great blast right in the beginning, as “Proxima Centaury” is going to capture you completely. Then,  just after a humble relaxation pause, Karkara strikes will a full force and don’t let you rest.

The album’s energy is purely intense. Sharp guitar by Karim (who also sings and whispers), powerful drums by Maxime and resonating bass in Hugo’s hands. Altogether this power trio charges their music incredibly.

The central piece, “Crystal Gazer” absorbs all variety of speed and echoes. Alongside, you’ll have other masterpieces, like “Jadid” which finalizes the record and delivers you exactly to the place where “Proxima Centaury” originates. It’s a perfect spiral to listen to again and again. And a really good job!

facebook page: KarkaraRock

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