Monster Rally – Adventures on the Floating Island (2019)


🇺🇸 Catch an exotic vibe! Meet tropical creatures hovering above you and climbing the lianas. It’s a fresh mix by Monster Rally for today.

The Monster Rally project is run by a musician Ted Feighan from Los Angeles, California. Ted is interested in beats and tricks and in extravagant tunes as well. Thus he combines and mixes all this stuff to create precious compositions.

Some of the tracks have a distinct taste of nostalgia, that retro or eclectic manner. The others are more modern and fuzzy. Although there is a space for experiments, Monster Rally is rather about steadiness but not volatility.

Surfing through audial sketches, you’ll get a light mood and inspiration. It’s a good thing to have in late gloomy autumn.

facebook page: Monsterral

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3 thoughts on “Monster Rally – Adventures on the Floating Island (2019)

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