Habibti Ensemble: ALive

Habibti_Ensemble🇮🇱 Israel is unique land with its own wide musical culture and echoes from Arabic, Mediterranean, Balkan, and African music. Habibti Ensemble picks the most resonant tunes, and makes something essential out of that.

Not only ethnic tunes you’ll find in their songs. Jazz and modern influences, are also presented, and there is a certain space for improvisation. Habibti Ensemble is nine piece, gathering musicians with great artistic background and willingness to invent something exceptional.

I’ve found out that Habibti Ensemble has an album dated year 2015 (perhaps, more?), and a bunch of live shows and performances. Thus, it’s a good chance ti introduce them in our “ALive” section

Find more about Habibti Ensemble via official website| facebook| youtube| bandcamp

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