Abstracción – Abstracción (2020)


🇪🇸 Bright and attractive in each its note, Abstracción will likely get you to fall for them. Impulsive, unconventional and extraordinary act!

The band consist of seven participants. Habitual rock set of instruments (guitar, bass and drums) is joined by sitar and percussion, Hammond and keys, flute and, of course, tender female voice.

It’s a rare case when something progressive doesn’t sound complicated and overloaded. Instead, Abstracción let us dream and forget about routine, and that graceful flute makes your mood lighter. Sitar lets some mystic aroma, and Catalina the singer finishes the picture.

The album has really vast dimensions. If I’m not wrong, it’s the first one by the band, but it’s already a great thing! I’m sure the collective has  huge perspective to grow and expand. For now, we have a self-titled album to enjoy right away.

facebook page: AbstraccionBanda

Get this album via bandcamp | google.play | yandex.music

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2 thoughts on “Abstracción – Abstracción (2020)

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