Schroothoop – Klein Gevaarlijk Afval (2020)


🇧🇪 Can all the things that we throw away emit noises and even clear melodies? Schroothoop knows the answer, and it sounds.

This trio makes musical instruments out of lost and found objects. They use everything that suits, pieces of wood, plastic or metal, and obsolete items of different kind. Could be tin cans, plastic tubes, or even a bathtubs.

Rik Staelens, Timo Vantyghem and Margo Maex create tribal vibes and simply make someone’s day. Perhaps yours, if you just try this out. Influences from African and Cuban art, waves from the East, blended with modern jazz and bold thinking.

Feel the spirit of our planet suffering from the trash. Feel the spirit that overcomes false stereotypes and wrong habits. Let’s don’t forget about our trace and impact. And then, we can enjoy really nice music, thank to Schroothoop!

facebook page: schroothoopmusic

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