Psychotic Lumberjacks – Knapus (2020)


🇳🇱 This is something really weird. Barely perceivable but so nice and catchy.

This quartet hails from Leeuwarden, Netherlands. Emiel Brinkgreve (guitar / vocals), Ate Kamsma – (bass / vocals), Melvin Bemelmans – (keys / vocals), and Chris Wassenaar – (drums / vocals) don’thesitate to blow our minds up.

I’m not sure if whether this album is the very first record of the band or not. Perhaps it’s a debut piece, as it’s the only one available at bandcamp page, and the facebook profile tells us that Psychotic Lumberjacks were born in 2016.

For those of you who adore crazy videos, you should certainly try this one. However, don’t open the link in case of any suspect of epilepsy. The music by these four matches the video. Half electronic and half guitar-driven, it makes you sick or sack, not even sure.

facebook page: PsychoticLumberjacks

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | |

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