Pretty Lightning – Jangle Bowls (2020)


🇩🇪 What happens if blues is slowly brought to a boil? You’ll get Pretty Lightning’s fresh and wavering album.

Christian Berghoff and Sebastian Haas have a serious art track for more than a decade. They are a part of wider Datashock collective, and as duo Christian and Sebastian develop minimalistic approach while crossbreeding the fuzzy blues with intelligent kraut and psychedelia.

Within “Jangle Bowls”, the mates apply the team spirit at the maximum level. Calm and vibrant, this music reaches a listener’s neurons and makes new links out of old good interactions.

What they do is slightly weird and uncommon, like boogie at the shrine. I even cannot pick my favorites out of  “Jangle Bowls” as the compositions have the same energy, but variyng from dreamy downtempo to fuzzy rock-n-roll stuff. You just need to take it whole.

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5 thoughts on “Pretty Lightning – Jangle Bowls (2020)

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