Servo – Alien (2020)


🇫🇷 Short titles of the songs should not mislead you. Expect vast vibrations since the first track, rising throughout the album.


Hailing from Rouen city (Normandy, France), Servo is a trio by Arthur Pierre (guitar and voice), Louis Hebert (bass and voice), and Hugo Magontier (drums and voice). The band offers good psychedelia with slightly weird vocals and multiple layers of the sound.

Alongside the heartbreaking sense of something mysterious, a listener gets some clear chords, and disturbed motoric goes in addition. This dissonance is leading you to a kind of frustration. A little bit of discomfort upon the skin, goosebumps released.

However, the more you listen to, the more this music attracts. Stylish parties let you feel a wave from the past (either 70s or 90s, both involved), and selected drone and fuzz remakes the staff to flip into state-of-the-art mode.

facebook page: servotheband

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