Slift – Ummon (2020)


🇫🇷 This is what I am really fond of! Full range of selected heavy psych stuff that you are barely able to focus on.

SLIFT break into your cozy world, and no walls left anymore. All that you have been relying on, now cannot help. Intense force is reigning while “Ummon” is turned on.

I could not stay still when this began. The first track is eyes-opening one. The second, “It’s coming”, whirled my head off the neck. Yeah, it’s coming indeed! No matter what, or who. Might be an asteroid, or the alien troops. Perhaps even both of them!

This band has put its entire magnetic powers into “Ummon”. It appears to be the compendium of heavy psych, kraut, noise, space rock, and so on until the very end of the universe. The heaviest and nicest incarnation of the genres mentioned above, exactly how it should be in the year 2020.

facebook page: sliftrock

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7 thoughts on “Slift – Ummon (2020)

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