Landing – Bells In New Towns (2018)


🇺🇸 Landing is happening right now. We arrive at the mystic land, where the force of gravitation cares about us and our feelings.

Landing was found back in 1998. Current line-up of the band is Daron Gardner, John Bent, and the Snows family (Aaron and Adrienne). Need to mention that along with Aaron’s immense contribution (guitar, synth, drums, bass, and vocals), another milestone of the band is charming Adrienne’s voice. Could not imagine Landing without it. 

Well, the whole album and its separate tracks transmit pleasurable sensation. It starts with “Nod”, my favorite track from the record. Like a sway of a pendulum, it comes back and forth, and loud whisper of bass makes you moving too.

“Bells In New Towns” indicates well that after so considerable lifetrack, Landing still has a lot to give to the audience. Inspiring and soothing out hearts which are starving in these uncertain times…

facebook page: landingtryyps

Get this album via bandcamp | deezer | apple music |

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4 thoughts on “Landing – Bells In New Towns (2018)

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